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Booking Appointments Online


All sessions and free phone consultations can be booked directly online by clicking on the booking option below. You will be directed to our confidential medical on-line booking service that shows current availability. All emails or phone calls to Clarity will be answered within one business day.


Evenings and Weekends

Please review the booking on line schedule to see each therapists personalized office hours.

Monday 5PM - 8 PM

Tuesday 5PM- 8 PM

Thursday 5PM- 8 PM

Friday 5 PM - 8 PM

Saturday 10 AM - 2 PM

Office Location

Our office is conveniently located to the downtown area , Bridgeland area, areas surrounding the downtown core and a short distance off of the deerfoot and memorial heading SW from the deerfoot. The building is located a short distance up Edmonton Trail heading north off of memorial. There is plenty of free 1 hour and 2 hour parking off of Edmonton trail along 8th Ave NE and 4 A St. NE. The map below has been posted to help direct you to our location.


When you arrive, Clarity Office is above main-floor business. Walk along the side of the building toward the plant store and the office suite is identified with the Clarity Psychological Services Sign on staircase up to the upper suite office space. Have a seat in the waiting room, and your therapist will be out to get you at our scheduled appointment time. 



Unit 402 8th Ave NE, Calgary


Natalie Heath: 403-700-1703

Nicole Hamill: N/A


Natalie Heath: natalieheathcounselling

Nicole Hamill: N/A

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